Islamic Azad University,

Boroujerd Branch


IAUB at One Glance

Address: Imam Khomeini Campus, Yadigar-e-Imam Square, Navab Square, Boroujerd, Lorestan, Iran.

Phone Number: + 98 662-351000-8


Department of Public Relations, Islamic Azad University, Boroujerd Branch


University, Facts and Figures

Establishment: 28 September 1983

The First University in the 5th Region in terms of time of Establishment

The Second University in the 5th Region in terms of Educational Space and the number of Fields of Study






Total Area: 300 Hectares

Area: 120,000 m2

The Number of Fields of Study: 153

The Number of Students: 13,200

The Number of Alumni: 44,000

The Number of Faculty Members: 206

The Numbers of Employees: 221


Sama Department

Area: 14.000 m2

The Number of Students: 2600


Board of Administration

Dr. Ahmad Seif (President of the University)

Jafar Heidari (Culture Vice-president)

Dr. Reza Sabounchi (Education Vice-president)

Mr. Mohammad Hornejad (Administrative & Finance Vice-president)

Dr. Ahmad Shahsavaran (Research Vice-president)

Seyyed Ali Mousavian (Student Vice-president)

Mohammad Nikravan (Sama Center Vice-president)

Davood Gapelleh (Construction Vice-president)

Abbas Goodarzi (Security Manager)









President's Opening Year Address

The sweet smell of kindness of beginning a new educational year is coming from the university. As the supreme leader, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, said: "This year would hopefully be the year of the epic saga of political and economic improvements" (12.30.1391, 14.33, our translation). Therefore, in order to fulfill the requirements of the supreme leader, we should try very hard to improve the science, reduce the gaps, produce knowledge, and reach scientific independency more than ever, which are essential for economical, political, and social independency. With the highest respect and best congratulations, I want to draw the students’ attentions to some particular points.

1.     One of the best results of Islamic Revolution is the establishment of Islamic Azad University which has become one of the major principles of education in Iran.

2.     If the students just think about getting a degree, and becoming teachers and professors, or later teaching others, this will result in a closed repetitious circulation in educational system. Therefore in order to overcome such a problem, the interaction between the universities and industry must be expanded.

3.     Man is ambitious to be immortalized or wants to leave behind an important eternal work after his death. To produce such a great work is not easy but is certainly possible by hardworking and trusting in God. Therefore besides scientific attempts, all should trust God, who is our only support in life. Metaphorically, by means of two wings of trust in God and scientific attempts man would be equipped to produce an eternal creation.

Basic Sciences College

(Central Building)

This Complex is the basic framework of Islamic Azad University, Boroujerd Branch having the area of about 6680 m2, with 4 buildings containing educational facilities, services, and welfare tools. It has also a meeting hall with the area of 7258 m2. After the establishment of Imam Khomeini Campus, the university gradually moved to it and the Building was used as central and basic science department.

Imam Khomeini (Rah) Campus

Imam Khomeini Campus is located in a one hundred hectares lot which is 3 km. far from Yadigar Imam (rah) Square (Venaee Village Road) and has more than 120.000 m2 educational, research, welfare space, and services.





Art and Humanities College

Area: 11575 m2

Educational Departments and Classes

Exam Center

Accounting Centre for Students

Funding Centre for Student


Agriculture College (2)

Area: 3100 m2

Computer Site

Educational Departments



Technical and Engineering College (Power and Computer)

Area: 6300 m2

Computer Site and Workshop

Educational Departments


Restaurant, Cafeteria, and Conference Hall

Area: 3500 m2

Dining hall for students, professors, and employees


Conference Hall (Capacity 430)

Official Building (Area: 3000 m2)

Presidential Department:

General Communication, Security, and Law Office

Administrative and Finance Department:

Secretariat Office, Finance Office, Administration Office, and Personnel Department

Education Department:

Registration and Digital Services

Student Affairs:

Alumni, Exchange Student Office, Counseling Center, Military Service Office, Plans Office and Restaurants

Cultural Affairs

Khatam Dormitory (Area: 2800 m2)

Khatam Garden (Area: 10.000 m2)

Mosque (Area: 1100 m2)

Dental and Postgraduate College (Area: 6700 m2)


Sama Schools Campus

Sama schools campus belongs to Islamic Azad University, Boroujerd Branch. Sama Center has a building of 4 floors in 3 blocks and the area of 6000 m2 and 2600 students. It was established on October 2008. The Girls-Sama-Campus having the area of 3800 m2 building and 6725 ground is one of the best schools in Boroujerd.




Educational Levels and Programs

Number of Fields of Study: 153

AA (S): 38

BA (Disc.s)[1]: 31

BA (Cs): 53

MA (S): 30

PhD. (Med.): 1

Postgraduate Fields of Study

·         Accounting

·         Analytical Chemistry

·         Architecture Engineering

·         Agriculture Engineering – Farming

·         Agriculture Engineering – Herd Modification

·         Agriculture Engineering – Plant Breeding

·         Biology – Micro Biology

·         Biology – Molecular Cellar

·         Biology – Plant Science

·         Chemistry – Chemistry Physic

·         Chemistry – Organic

·         Chemistry – Phito Chemistry

·         Chemistry Engineering –

·         Computer Engineering – Software

·         Electricity Power Engineering

·         Electricity Electronics Engineering

·         English Language and Literature

·         Management – Business Administration

·         Management – Governmental Administration

·         Mathematics – Finance

·         Mathematics – Research on Mission

·         Mechanics Engineering – Applied Design

·         Persian Language and Literature

·         Physical Education and Sport Science – Behavioral Kinetic

·         Physical Education and Sport Science – General

·         Physical Education and Sport Science – Modification and Pathology

·         Physical Education and Sport Science – Sport Biomechanics

·         Physical Education and Sport Science – Sport Management

·         Physical Education and Sport Science – Sport Physiology

·         Rangeland Engineering



Public Relations Center

·         Managing the Relations between the University and the Public

·         University Spokesman

·         Giving information and evaluating public opinion

·         Searching, gathering, categorizing, analyzing, concluding, and stating professional suggestions

·         Gathering NEWS, information, external and internal attitudes of/about the University and reporting them to the President


Dormitories (Area 14.000 m2, Capacity 2000)

Physical Education Department

Hall no. 1 of Physical Education

Hall no. 2 of Physical Education (Shahid Boroujerdi)

Imam Khomeini Camus Sport Center (Area: 3600 m2)

Sport Complex including Football and Running Course (under construction)


Students Welfare Fund

Paying Loan to All Students

AA (S) and BA (S): Up to 7.000.000 Rials

MA (S): Up to 10.000.000 Rials


Office of Industrial Relations

·        Commercializing of ideas, inventions and research findings

·        Publishing scientific books and journals of scientific groups

·        Organizing entrepreneurship, or internship training for students

·        Interaction with organizations and industrial centers

·        Holding joint scientific and research meetings with organizations and academic institutions

·        Subject specialists in academic elites

·        Organizing conferences, events, competitions and festivals

·        Organizing scientific and research visits of members of scientific groups



Books: 104436 volumes

Persian Books: 91714 Volumes with 34197 Titles

English Books: 12722 Volumes with 8863 Titles


Computer Sites

Bahrololoum College: Two Sites

Engineering and Technical College 1: Two Sites

Basic Science College (Central Building): One Site

Agriculture, Engineering and Technical College 2: Three Sites

Digital Library: Two Sites

Postgraduate and Dental College: Three Sites


Optical Wire Lines with the Capacity of 10 Mega Bytes

Wireless Internet Connection


Labs and Learning Workshops

Technical and Engineering Lab: Area: 1250 m2

Agriculture and Ranching Labs: Area: 750 m2

Medical Science Labs: Area: 650 m2

Labs of Basic Sciences (for MA Students): Area: 925 m2

Young Researchers Club

Advantages of Membership:

·         Admission in higher educational levels without entrance exam

·         Providing equipments for the inventors

·         Subsidy for pilgrimages

·         Priority of the club members for employment

·         Discount of fees

·         Rewards for conference attendance

·         Rewards for scientific articles of the club members

[1] Two-year bachelor programs for which the students should have passed AA levels.